Information about Smart Locavore

How it works

How It Works

This site is completely FREE for everyone to use!  FREE to post items, FREE to find items.  We want to support the local food movement and hope to help people find more food sources close to home. 

You can search for listings in your area using the magnifying glass in the top bar.  Type in your location and all surrounding listings will appear.  You can also use the map toggle function and zoom in to your area. 

In order to post an item, you need to create an account with your email address or Facebook login.  Then you can post as many items as you’d like. People can message you through your listing and you’ll also receive an email notification. We offer an option that allows Sellers to receive money through our site.  If you are a Seller and have paypal or stripe, we can handle the monetary transaction for you. Our service is free however, Paypal/Stripe do charge a nominal transaction fee. 

We ask that you spread the word through your social media or use the Invite New Members link in the top bar and let’s build this movement together! 

Eat Well. Eat Local