Red Thread Farm

We're Jeremy and Amy Tolley and Red Thread Farm is our family's labor of love. Jeremy oversees the farm and gardens with lots of help from our two kids. Amy manages our store and comes up with all the creative ideas that make our farm a beautiful place to live. The farm is a lifestyle, a hobby, and a way to teach our children about life, hard work, and the values we cherish.

​Red Thread Farm practices sustainable, regenerative farming methods and we're constantly learning new and better ways to produce nutrient-dense, healthy, clean food. We grow food on a human scale using hand tools with very minimal tillage in living soil. In fact, we don't even own a tractor! We never use toxic chemicals or synthetic fertilizers and we supplement our livestock's free range diet with non-GMO feeds.

Red Thread Farm practices full transparency with our customers. Knowing your farmer means knowing exactly how your food was grown. You can't get that at the grocery store!

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