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Find Local Food Direct From Farmers & Growers!

Eat Well. Eat Local

Smart Locavore is a place for people to find local food and agriculture items directly from Farmers & Growers......and its completely FREE for everyone to use!  

Created by Stacey Bowles, a born and raised farm girl herself, she understands the benefits of sourcing and growing local food. She grew up on her parents Beef cattle farm in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  She is now on a mission to  give Farmers more visibility and consumers a dedicated platform for finding local food. 

This site was created for large producers and the small gardener alike.  Maybe you only have a little extra and can only post this week.  Or you are a larger producer with an abundant and constant supply.  List your items here. 

If you're a consumer and you've struggled to find Farmers locally to purchase product from, we hope this helps.   If you're travelling and you want to find farms to visit or to purchase fresh, local food, this site is your resource.

Please spread the word.  Invite your friends, family and fellow neighbours to list and find items from Smart Locavore.

Have questions or concerns?  See something you want added to the site? Please email us at: 


Stacey Bowles, Founder

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