Medicinal Herb CSA - 5 months of supplies & activities (June-Oct)

Locally grown medicinal herbs made into safe and effective remedies for you and your family.

Each month Medicinal Herb CSA members receive:
- TWO to THREE (2-3) fresh ready-to-use herbal remedies that address common and seasonal health needs!
- A written description about each preparation explaining how they work and when to use them.
- A bag of a freshly dried her to be your months 'study plant'.
- A step-by-step DIY project and instructions for your 'study plant' (going over 5 different extraction techniques and when to use them).
- A detailed monograph of your 'study plant' with information about origin, appropriate harvesting, scientific findings as well as traditional-uses (for later reference).

Along with the monthly shares, members will also receive (online or in-person):
- A FARM TOUR to see, smell, taste, meet and discover the plants as they grow, as well as;
- A ONE (1) HOUR one-on-one consultation with Nikola (farmer and certified community herbalist) to answer questions about your study plants, medicine making techniques, herb growing and other related topics.

By the end of the season, members will have gained:

  • TEN to FIFTEEN (10-15) herbal remedies for improving and maintaining good health, WITH an understanding of how and when to use each.
  • A deeper relationship with FIVE (5) different 'study plants', including a monograph of each.
  • Hands-on experience with FIVE (5) different herbal medicine-making techniques.
  • In-person hands-on experience with the plants as they grow.
  • In-depth questions answered through the one-on-one consultation.

Medicinal Herb CSA Membership fee: $360.00

There is also a "pay-what-you-can" / sliding-scale option, as we want the Medicinal CSA to be accessible to anyone who wants it. If you would like access the sliding-scale option, please reach out directly. You are welcome here. Contact me at:

CSA Members are invited to PICK UP SHARES each month from either:
1. Friday Farm Pick-up (1560 Carmel-Koch Rd, St. Agatha) 3:30pm-6pm; OR
2. Tuesday Kitchener Pick-up (91 Moore Street): 3:45pm-6:15pm

CSA shares can also be shipped anywhere in Canada! (shipping fees is extra).

Herb CSA Members become part of our larger farm community! It is our hope that the 2021 season will inspire and connect us all more deeply to the plants that heal us, to the land that grows them, and to each other. It is an honour to be growing within the Waterloo Region, on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit.

Welcome to all members, whatever your range of experience working with medicinal herbs may be!

For more info about Nikola and Half Moon Herbals: Farm & Apothecary, check out the webpage: