Farm Fresh Beef Bundles

Farm Fresh Beef Bundles
Small Beef Bundle $55.00
1 Roast 3-4 pounds
1 Pack Premium Steak 1-2 pounds
1 Pack of Sirloin Steak
5lbs Ground Beef
Large Beef Bundle $185.00
3 Roasts (roasts are 3-4 pounds a piece)
2 Packs Premium Steaks. Steaks are 1-2 pounds per pack
2 Pack Sirloin 2-3 pounds per pack
25lbs Ground Beef
Grilling Bundle $140.00
3 Packs Premium Steaks. Steaks are 1-2 pounds per pack
2 Packs Sirloin. Steaks are 2-3 pounds per pack
5lbs Ground Beef
Hamburger Bundles
Small Bundle 15lbs $60
Medium Bundle 30lbs $120
Large Bundle 50lbs $175

Premium Steaks in the bundles consist of T-Bones and Delmonicos. All steaks are cut 1 ½ inch and all roasts weigh between 3-4 pounds. We have 3 types of roast to choose from, Chuck, English and Round Roast. You can add in some more steaks or roasts if you choose to. We do not substitute any meat in the bundles but we do sell all the meat separate by pound with whatever you prefer.
Ground Beef $4 per pound, $3.50 if you buy 50lbs or more,
Roasts $5 per pound,
Steaks, T-Bones, Porterhouse, Delmonico $8 per pound,
Sirloin Steaks $5 per lb, Ribs $4 per pound. We also sell cattle bye the quarter, half and whole, $2.70 per pound hanging weight
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