Grass Finished Beef

We are the Goodrich family of Pure Country Stock Farm, 5 generations of ranching and farming in the Hardisty, Alberta area. We raise purebred Galloway, Angus and Tarentaise breeding stock and market the rest as grass-finished beef. We have sides and whole beef available every summer and fall as the animals fatten naturally on pasture, or small packages of frozen beef year round.
Follow along with us online, as we share pictures, videos and stories from our every day lives. You'll see daily chores feeding chickens, cows and horses, as well as big projects like planting gardens, U-pick berries, natural soil balancing tasks and much more. Feel free to share your thoughts, knowledge and experiences on this page, or in person. We are always open to visitors and believe that knowledge is to be shared freely. Take care, love and blessings to you all

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