Free Range Eggs

Available in our Farm Gate Store

We keep 99 happy + healthy hens that produce absolutely delicious eggs every day. Our grain-fed layer chickens are free to roam inside and out and are not kept in egg layer cages/cage-colonies. Our much-loved girls enjoy an open-air run during growing months and are free to roam the property most other days, weather and safety permitting.


Eggs are available every day in the farm gate store in flats of 30 or cartons of a dozen. For your convenience, we accept cards via our square terminal.
Due to government rules for small egg producers, we are only allowed to sell our eggs from the farm gate. The current price is $10/flat or $5/dozen


We often have campers asking us for ‘table eggs’ or ‘unwashed/unrefrigerated’ eggs. If this is you, give us a heads-up, we can happily set some fresh eggs aside for your camping trip. Otherwise, our eggs are refrigerated.

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