Heritage Pork (Whole/Half/Quarters + Cuts) - Dorchester, Ontario

High Quality Local Heritage Pork

Now accepting deposits for Whole/half/quarter pig orders with a deposit. $5.25/lb hanging weight cut+wrap included.

Try our delicious high-welfare heritage pork for your next BBQ! We raise a handful of happy/healthy/friendly pigs the old-fashioned way on our small farm outside of London and process annually with our local butcher in their government inspected shop.

To buy pork, checkout our online shop.

We offer delivery to London and area and you are welcome to come by our farm gate store.


We select and raise heritage breeds including Old Black, Tamworth, and Berkshire. Bred over generations for a plethora of optimal characteristics, each breed brings a unique quality to our pork options.


Our tiny homestead operation is understandably different than most commercial pig farms. Our pigs are raised low-density (just a handful, with lots of space) and when possible they are in the sunshine. We aim to provide our friendly pigs with a high quality of life during their time on the farm. With all of our livestock our goal is always to produce quality meats that you can feel good about feeding to your family.

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