Free Range Chicken - Dorchester, ON

Now accepting deposits for free range chickens $5.90/lb. See our chicken page for details.

Available in various weights and sizes in our farm gate store

About our chicken:

Looking to bring a delicious locally-grown taste to your table? Want to know where your food comes from and how it was raised? Come see us and pick up a plump pastured chicken from our free range flock! Selected specifically for meat, our white rock chickens are raised by us on-farm and enjoy a pampered life in the sunshine and grass along with our other livestock weather permitting.

We grow batches of chickens a few times a year.
Reserve ahead with a deposit to get yours fresh on ‘processing day’ or pickup frozen from our farm gate store at any time. Both at $5.90/lb.


Are these ‘spent/soup’ chickens?
No, our meat chickens are full size young ‘broiler’ chickens. They are big! Processed weight is about 4-to-7 pounds.

What will this cost me?
A typically processed chicken weighs about 4+ pounds. So at $5.90/lb expect the whole chicken to cost you $22+.

Can I get ‘cuts’ like breasts/legs/wings or do I have to buy the whole chicken?

We have cuts available in our farm gate store.

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