Platinum Produce Tomato & Pepper Stand!

Here is what we have for you…
•$4 flats of Tomatoes-on-the-Vine (TOVs), 11lbs just $.36/pound!
•$5 flats of beefsteaks, 15lbs just $.33/pound!
•$2 bags of Sweet Bell Peppers
•$2 “road bags” of our beefsteaks or TOVs
•$20 boxes of our premium Grade-A #1 Sweet Bell Peppers, 11lbs!!

We will be open Monday-Saturday 8am-6pm. Closed on Sunday. Cash only please and thank you!

UPDATE: We will no longer be accepting returned boxes. At this time we will only be keeping cardboard that we put into your containers on-site. If you have any of our empty cardboard boxes, we ask that you now recycle them yourself. ☺️

21037 Communication Rd., Blenheim. Located just south of the 401 between Blenheim and Chatham.

Please keep in mind that supply always fluctuates. Pricing may be different than what you see dependent on product and quantity offerings. Prices subject to change.

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