Perfectly cured garlic

Our garlic is ready for your table !

Our farm is growing every year and we thrive to keep offering you the best product you deserve. We grow our garlic (and other produce) as organically as logically possible. We don't use any chemicals.

We offer garlic that WILL preserve until next spring if you store it properly. We have eaten our last garlic bulb in April this year !

We have had a delivery service of our farm products to the Ottawa region every Sunday for 7 years already! With a minimum of 25$ of purchase we will deliver !

Here are some products we offer:

-Pure unpasteurized (raw) honey
-Fruit jellies (strawberry, rhubarb/strawberry, blueberry)
-Pickled (beans, cucumbers, beets, garlic scapes carrots)
-Smoked/roasted garlic scapes (great spice to use for your recipes and for dips and dressings)
-Fresh rhubarb
-Pumpkins (in the fall)

Coming are:
-Black garlic (fermented garlic)
-Garlic fermented in honey
-Infused honey (various flavors)

We also have some seed garlic available for you to grow your own. We sell huge quantities of just what you need. Inquire ! or call Joe at 613-488-2924

We deliver to Rockland and surroundings, Cumberland, Orleans and Ottawa.

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