AAA Beef

Don't wait for the next meat shortage get your protein stream secured! Ethically and sustainably raised AAA Angus Beef on offer. Raised in the Peace Region our cattle are free of hormones, antibiotics, and steroids. Order by the whole, 1/2 or 1/4. Only pay for the meat you receive; $7.50 per lb cut wrapped freezer weight. This alleviates the guesswork as you pay for only the weight you receive. Bundles are also available in 15 ($115) or 20 ($150) lb packages and consist of 1/3 lean ground beef 1/3 primal roast and 1/3 primal steak. All beef directly from the ranch is professionally processed at a government approved facility and government inspected. Please do not hesitate to email, text (780 832 7088) or call (780 832 7088) with any questions. Limited supply available now, taking orders for September. Grass finished or Grain finished options are available, Delivery to your door available and can be arranged. Next Delivery date September 20, 2021. This beef is grain or grass finished under 30 months. Free delivery within 200km for large orders (1/2 or full beef).

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