Denmar Farms Christmas Experience

Denmar Farms is a family owned and operated business established in 2006 by Janet and Paul Martin. Denmar Farms was established with one core purpose in mind: to deliver a unique and memorable Christmas experience to families and individuals that value the spirit and beauty of the holiday season. The first Christmas tree was planted on a beautiful spring day in 2008 and thousands of trees have been planted annually since. These trees are nurtured 365 days a year to ensure that when the time comes to harvest them, they bring cheer and brilliance to your home.

Paul and Janet live at the farm and enjoy the beauty of their trees every day. They look forward to welcoming you and your family in December so that you may share in their enjoyment and realize the power of the Christmas spirit in the air at Denmar Farms.

Denmar Farms has a gorgeous on-site store and café. Enjoy a variety of delectable treats, purchase accessories for your new tree, and finish your Christmas shopping.

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