Samy's Alpaca Farm & Fiber Studio Alpaca Walks! - Kerwood, ON

We love to welcome guests to our farm, share our little paradise and bring some joy to other people’s lives. All farm visits are private and by appointment, meaning this is just your group, leaving us flexible to adjust to your wishes.

The visit is about 1 hour long and we offer them year-round, every day. The alpacas don’t mind the weather and we only cancel if there is a thunderstorm or unsafe driving condition in the winter. Otherwise, we bundle up, grab some rain gear and keep up with the alpacas way of life.

We visit the alpacas in the pasture, hand feed them, get acquainted and talk about alpacas. Then we take some of them on a leash for a walk down the country road and finish up with a visit to our farm store.

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