Pasture Raised Artisanal Chicken - Thamesford, Ontario

Our meat birds are on pasture as soon as they feather out (typically around 3 weeks) and remain on pasture until they are between 7 to 8 weeks old. While on pasture, we use the 1312 Cackellac which offers protection and shelter while at the same time it is easy to move the birds to new grass daily. They are fed a non-GMO feed and have access to all the bugs, worms and green pasture their hearts desire.

All our chickens are processed at a provincially inspected facility. The average finished processed weight of the whole birds is around 6lbs but range in size from 4.5lbs to 9lbs. We offer drumsticks, wings, thighs and boneless breasts, as well as packages of feet, heart, gizzard, liver and bones. Fresh chicken is available 3 times per year and frozen is available at any time (while supplies last).

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